You can integrate with Back at You Media so that your active listings and any homepage leads will get added to your Radius account automatically. To do this you'll have to set up an email filter.

Here’s How:

First, log in to your email and filter your inbox for new lead emails from Back at You Media by searching "Back at You Media". Copy the email address in the "From" field in all of the lead emails -

Next, select the settings gear in the top right corner and select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP". You'll want to select the Tip that reads creating a filter.


A pop-up will emerge with the following fields:

Paste the email you copied and in the "From" field and click "Create Filter".

Check the "Forward it to:" option and select your newly added communications email. Then select "Create filter".

Once you are finished following the instructions be sure to check the option I want these leads: Sent to Radius Assist and be sure to click the bright blue "Notify Radius" button.

You’re all set! Any Back at You Media leads will be added to your Radius account as leads for us to qualify.