Radius Assist for teams gives broker-owners and team leads the same leverage of our Assist program while choosing how much control they’d like to retain versus automating for the team. 

The set up is simple once you sign up!


  1. Schedule a call with an Agent Success Manager here to explain your needs and finalize pricing. Pricing is dependent on the number of agents on your team.
  2. Invite any number of agents to the plan


  3. Integrate multiple lead sources to import clients real-time                  

  4. Decide your settings
    1. How to accept qualified leads - you can pick automatically or decide one lead at a time 
    2. How to assign leads to your agents - round-robin or one at a time

Once you’re set-up, some features you can leverage - 

  1. Track your agents’ pipeline - see the number of leads they’ve already received  

  2. Track conversions, client communication, time saved for all team members   

  3. Leverage the CRM functionality to get updates further into the pipeline from your team. Set reminders, add notes, track when leads move from accepted to actively looking and beyond                  

  4. Reassign leads as you please or Refer out any leads that you do not wish to engage