How to Sync Your Google Account:

That’s great! You wish to sync your Google account to manage your Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar from your Radius Agent account. The following steps will guide you through the syncing process. 

  1. Go to settings from your profile:

  1. In the ‘Account Overview’ option, check for Accounts=>Gmail Sync

  1. Click on ‘Sync Now’ option, Select the Google Account or Sign in with the Google account which you would like to sync and then Allow Radius Agent to access some necessary information.

  1. Your Google Account is now synced to your Radius Agent Profile.

  2. Hey, that’s not all! you can check and uncheck the Gmail, Calendar and Contacts features which you want to have in your Radius Agent profile.

How to Unsync Your Google Account:

We understand that you wish to unsync your contacts, calendar and emails of your Google Account from your Radius Agent profile? Here is a simple step to do this:

Click Settings=>Accounts Overview=>Gmail Sync=> use ‘Unlink’ option and that’s it, your Google account is now unsynced from your Radius Agent profile