You can integrate your Verified Real Estate Leads account with your Radius account to capture your leads in our free CRM and/or to use our qualification service. By integrating with Verified Real Estate Leads, every time a lead is added to your system, the lead will get added as a buyer / renter / seller lead on Radius for us to check in with, along with the property details they inquired about. 


You have 2 options for this integration - 

Option 1 -Unique Communications Email

1. If you don't have a gmail or do not wish to sync your email, you can copy the unique communications email that we created for you. Also, if you want to integrate multiple Lead Sources with Radius Assist and have different Gmails connected to each - follow these steps:


             a. Navigate to Settings → Account Overview → Click on Lead Integrations.


             b. Scroll down until you find Verified Real Estate Leads and click on it.   


                c. Copy your unique communications email provided at the top of this window. Keep screen open, we will come 

                    back to it at the end to “Notify Radius.”

                d. Head over to Verified Real Estate Leads and login as usual.

                e. Log in to your Verified Real Estate Leads account.
                f. Navigate to Account Settings Profile Information
                g. Communications email should be entered in the Email Field shown below.

             h.  Select Save

             i. Once you have completed this step please notify Radius. Return to Radius and see Profile (Top Right Corner) → 

                Settings → Lead Integrations. See below for example.


             j. Once you have notified Radius, your status will then change to Requested following with "Our concierge 

                team is working to set up your integration."


           k. When your lead integration status becomes Active you will need to come back to this page in Profile (Top Right 

                Corner) → Settings → Lead Integrations Select "Sent to ISA Concierge"