The Radius Agent concierge team reaches out to your Radius Assist leads by SMS, email, and by phone. Watch this short video to learn how we make a personal connection with your clients. Book a demo or a call to learn more here! 

We have created engaging SMS copy based on feedback from successful agents and teams! Premium user can edit their SMS messaging under Settings > SMS Templates. 

Notice we have different campaigns for buyers and sellers. 

Within the buyer and seller categories, we have different types of scripts for different types of leads. When emailing us past leads in an excel let us know what type of leads these are. We will treat them as old-online leads if you do not specify.

You can edit leads in the following sub-categories.

Missed Outgoing - Text messages indicating who were are reaching out on behalf of after a client misses our outgoing call. We send one on day 1 and day 4.

Missed Incoming - Our rep that called was on another call when they phone in. We let the client know we will call them back immediately. 

Engagement By Day - The messaging campaign going out to your leads.

- Notice we have certain tags you can add to your text messages. This pulls from data in the excel sheet or data transferred from your lead source integrated with us. 

- We always refer to ourselves as your assistant Sam, since it's gender-neutral.

- We have Spanish speaking reps that can cover Spanish client messages.

Sender Agent is the name displayed in your First name and Last name fields on your profile. If you want to mention your brokerage add it to your Last name. If you want to add your team name add it to your last name OR replace your First and Last names to come together as your team name.