Our Account Executives at Radius are in charge of building a long-lasting relationship with you and ensure you learn about the best plans that fit your specific needs. 


They assist you by -

  • Introducing you to the product to understand how we work your leads

  • Introducing you to the best pricing plan for you and your team

  • Following up to make sure you continue to engage your leads


Our highly-trained Client Success Team contacts your leads to determine whether they are currently in need of real estate assistance.


We gather the following information -

  • Type of client (buyer or seller)

  • Budget/Estimated Property Value

  • Timeline

  • Property requirements (#of beds/baths, preferred additional features)

  • Pre-approval status

  • Availability for an initial phone consultation

  • Additional notes collected to highlight the motivation of the lead

  • Upon accepting the lead, we will reveal the client's full contact information (full name, phone, email as well as their preferred method of contact)


If you are an agent utilizing our Lead Qualification Program:

The lead is returned to you. Using the information we provide you, you make an informed decision to accept or refer the lead out. If you accept the lead, we no longer make contact. 


Our Customer Success Managers are in charge of building a long-lasting relationship with you and check-in periodically to ensure your success.


They assist you by -

  • Training you on understanding the product to allow you to maintain your leads

  • Helping you integrate Radius with all your lead sources

  • Helping you manage leads you refer out 

  • Keeping you posted on your leads’ progress