Lead Marketplace - Our Lead Marketplace was designed for agents to instantly accept leads on the go. You'll be able to view qualified and real-time leads available in your area on your mobile or desktop. A qualified lead with a blue label means that our team has spoken with that client to determine if they are looking to buy or sell, their budget, timeline, and if they are pre-approved. A real-time lead with a grey label means that we haven't yet been able to gather the leads full details. Don't worry that doesn't mean that the leads won't qualify, this just gives you an opportunity to close more deals! Check out our video on how to get started and simply follow the steps below:

To learn more about a lead (type, location, budget, pre-qualified, timeline, and additional information) simply click on the lead.

If the lead fits your criteria, simply click "accept" 

Once you have clicked "accept" you'll be prompted to call the lead right away. (We recommend contacting the lead immediately to increase your chances of working the lead)

If the call was successful be sure to let us know how it went! The more updates you provide us with will increases the amount of leads you'll receive in the future from us.