First thing first is you’ll need to log into your account. When you first log in you’ll be prompted to "personalize your feed" 

Tell us which cities are most relevant to you. This could mean cities you work in, live in, or that are nearby. You can always remove and add cities later and these won’t affect your public profile. Once you have finished adding all your cities, press next.

Next, let us know which topics are most relevant to you. Please choose at least three topics, you’ll be able to change these later if you would like. Once you are finished selecting your preferred topics, press next.

You’ll then be prompted to add three “areas of expertise” You can choose up to three. This will allow you to see relevant posts related directly to your market. These will be visible in your public profile as well. When you have selected your three press next!

There you have it! Your customized real estate community network. 

You’ll be able to view the top, most recent, and nearby posts from a network of over 70,000 agents showcasing their best practices on real state topics helping us enable stronger collaboration amongst agents.

Next, let’s create your first post! Simply click the plus icon you can then choose to create a post. Choose the topic your post falls under, and then you can share an idea, article, link, or image. Then you can add a location that is related. You can also choose up to two sub-topic tags that relate to your post as well. You can also add an image that relates to your post. Once you are satisfied with your post, simply click post. And there you have it, your first post!

If you have a question for your community simply click the blue plus icon and click you can “add a question.” Choose a topic that relates to the question, and ask away! You can also add a location and up to 2 subtags. Then press post.

When scrolling through your network feed you can also like, comment, and answer posts from other agents.