1. How do you submit leads?

    1. You can seamlessly submit an unlimited amount of leads through our direct integration with your online lead sources, a spreadsheet document, or directly through the app.

  2. Do you qualify cold or past leads?

    1. Yes, we will reengage with your older leads allowing you to utilize those leads you haven't had the time to follow-up with.

  3. How quickly do you respond to the lead?

    1. Once the lead comes into our system we call and text within 5 minutes! If qualified, we’ll live transfer or set an appointment on your calendar.

  4. How do you determine if the lead is qualified?

    1. All leads will be ready to buy/sell within 6 months, with a pre-approval letter or in talks with a lender.

  5. What happens if we don’t want to take on the lead?

    1. Automatically refer out the leads you don’t want to receive with the click of a button. The lead will be referred out to our network of top agents and you’ll earn 25% of the gross commission when the deal closes.

  6. How much does it all cost?

    1. Our fee is success based, so we put our money where our mouth is! We offer low cost plans custom to your business needs.