1. How do you submit leads?

    • Monthly Plans - You can seamlessly submit an unlimited amount of leads through our direct integration with your online lead sources or directly through the app.

    • A La Carte Plan -  You can submit leads by emailing us a spreadsheet document you'd like us to scrub.

  2. Do you qualify cold or past leads?

    • Yes, we will reengage with your older leads allowing you to utilize those leads you haven't had the time to follow-up with on our A La Carte Plan.

  3. How quickly do you respond to the lead?

    • If you have hot integrations set up on our Monthly Plans we call and text within 5 minutes of the lead coming into our system ! If qualified, we’ll coordinate the best time for you to reach out.

  4. How do you determine if the lead is qualified?

    • We gather the following information:

      • Client Type - Buyer, Seller, Renter, Investor
      • Budget or Estimated Property Value
      • Timeline for transaction
      • Property Requirements - #of beds/baths and preferred additional features
      • Pre-approval Status
      • Availability for an initial phone consultation
      • Additional notes collected to highlight motivation of lead

  5. What happens if we don’t want to take on the lead?

    • Automatically refer out the leads you don’t want to receive with the click of a button. The lead will be referred out to our network of top agents and you’ll earn 25% of the gross commission when the deal closes.

  6. How much does it all cost?

    • Plans we offer:

      • Monthly Plans- We sync your lead generation sources to route an unlimited amount of leads to us. You can accept an unlimited amount of appointments we set up for you.
        • 1 month plan - $329 per month & unlimited lead acceptance
        • 6 month plan - $309 per month & unlimited lead acceptance
      • A La Carte Plan - We scrub leads from your database, generated within the last 12 months for $300 per spreadsheet of 100 leads + unlimited lead acceptance