Integrating Facebook Lead Ads, Zillow, KV Core and other 43+ Integration Sources can be done via Zapier. Here's a sample to know how to connect your Facebook Leads to Radius Agent?

Getting connected to Facebook Leads only takes a few simple steps! All you need is our custom email address in your account. For further instructions on how to find it check out this article here.

Follow the instructions below to get connected: 


  1. Create an account with Zapier here. (After their 14-day trial you will have to purchase their monthly subscription.)

  2. Select the Get emails with new Facebook Lead Ads Leads with email by zapier.

  1. Next, you’ll need to follow the steps to connect your Facebook Account.

  2. Click continue and create a sample lead to ensure you will retrieve the leads.
  3. Continue to Email by Zapier Action.

  4. Next, you will need to set up your email on the Zapier Outbound Email page. *To ensure our system processes your leads without error, it will need to be in this exact format.

    • Enter in your custom Radius email that you want your Zapier Email to go to.

    • Make sure you keep the subject as “New Facebook Ad Lead

    • For the body of the email please make sure to add the following fields: first name, last name, phone number, email, type, and additional notes. [FullName: (insert Firstname green button here)] is an accepted format as well.

    • Make sure you create separate zaps for buyers and sellers and label them as Type: Buyer or Type: Seller.

  5. Make sure that you turn your Zapier on after you have completed all your edits.

  6. Once you have completed each step, you are all set to go!

Email us at or when you have completed all of these steps or to get help integrating any other sources. It will take at least 1 day for this to go live!