If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to check up on your leads to find out if they are hot leads, then Radius Assist is just for you!

Depending on the Radius Assist Plan you are on, you can submit your leads to Radius using the app, a spreadsheet, or by linking your lead sources directly. You’ll be notified about your leads getting qualified and you can maintain them in your CRM. Book a demo or a call to learn more here!

Below are the definitions of the various stages your submitted leads will flow through.

Submitted - Your lead has successfully been submitted.

Contacting - The Radius Concierge Team is contacting your lead to better understand their requirements. We call and SMS the lead on your behalf within 5 mins of submission (if it's a via an integration) and follow up 9 times via email, calls, SMS before putting them on an extended drip campaign.

Qualified- The lead has been qualified by our Concierge Team, meaning the lead is motivated, ready to buy/sell with a specific time frame in mind, has communicated their requirements clearly, and has been pre-approved or is in the process of being pre-approved.

Accepted - Once the lead has been qualified you will be notified. You’ll be able to view the client details and you will have the option to accept or refer out the lead. Once you accept the lead it will move into your ISA leads pipeline and the status will change to accepted.

Comparing - If you choose to refer the lead out to our network of agents the lead will move into your Outbound Referrals Dashboard. Our Concierge Team will connect your client with the top three local realtors that match their real estate needs. The three agents are chosen based on their current and past sales records as well as outstanding online consumer reviews. 

Active - A buyer becomes active when they’ve received their pre-approval letter and have started seeing homes with the agent/s we connected them. A seller becomes active when they’ve signed a listing agreement with an agent and their listing is expected to go live soon. 

In Contract - A buyer goes in the contract when their offer has been accepted by the seller. A seller goes In Contract when they accept an offer from a buyer. 

Closed - The client has completed inspections and as well as title transfers. The lead is now closed.

On Hold/Search Paused - A referral is set to on-hold or search paused when the client’s purchasing or selling timeline is too far out or they have temporarily placed their real estate search on hold. 

Archived - A referral is archived if the client chooses to work with an out of network realtor or if the client no longer needs real estate assistance. 

Disqualified- A lead is marked disqualified when they indicate they are not interested in discussing their real estate needs, no longer in the market to buy, have representation, or have already sold their property.

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