All the referrals submitted by you to the Radius Referral Marketplace appear here, based on their sales stage.

  1. Find the submitted referrals under Pipeline when

  • The referral is Submitted initially 

  • The Concierge is Contacting your client to understand their requirements 

  • Your client has been Contacted 

  • The referral is Qualified by the Concierge

  • The Concierge is Comparing your client’s requirements with the listings of agents

  • A primary Agent is Chosen from the 6 assigned agents

      2. Find the submitted referrals under Closed when the deal is closed

      3. Find the submitted referrals under Inactive when

  • The referral is Disqualified

  • The referral is Archived


  • Use the “Search Bar” to quickly find a referral submitted.

  • “Filter” the referrals by Referral Status, Client type. 


 Filter Referral Status

  • Sort the referrals by alphabetical order, upcoming appointments, etc.

  • Star your clients for quick access and find them easily under “Starred"                                                           

  • View an estimate of your potential earnings when the deal closes, beside the sales stage, according to the payment terms.