Having an elaborate profile on Radius helps get good qualified leads from other real estate agents on the network. An elaborate profile doesn’t just mean adding content, but means adding specific content that helps you achieve a 100% profile completion. 

Getting a 100% profile completion is really simple! Just follow these steps and you’re good to go!


1. Profile Image and Cover Image - 20%

Add a profile picture and add a cover image.

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2. Personal and Basic Info - 25%

Add the name of the Agency or Firm you work for, your office address, since when have you been a real estate agent, adding your education, experience, awards, and specialization. Sync your MLS with Radius.
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3. Bio - 10%

Add “About us” and "Interests".
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4. Listings and Neighborhoods served - 12.5%

Add your "Listings", "Closed Property Details" and the "Areas Served"
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5. Buyer Needs - 5%

Add your requirement, "Buyer Needs"
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6. Network Groups - 2.5%

Join your local network groups

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7. Review. Manual Posts - 25%

Get a rise in your score by 5% when a user writes you a review.

Adding a post manually (property listing/ requirement/ posting in network groups). The score increases for the first 5 posts.

There you have it! Your profile is now 100% complete!