Click on the “Edit” icon beside "RECENT LISTINGS AND NEIGHBORHOODS SERVED"  to add the areas served by you. 

Add your "Areas Served" by entering the location of your served areas. You can also add a Neighborhood or a Zip Code as shown below in the image. Hit "Save" to proceed. 

Note: Whenever a new property is added/imported, the area of that property will be added under "Areas Served"

These will now appear on your profile as shown below.

Viewing Your Listings

You can view your listings in two ways: 

  • Map View
  • List view

Map View

To view your listings under map view select "Map View Icon" (Third Icon from the left) and select one of your areas served. This will view all the properties you have in that area in a map format, as shown. Click on the property price -> "View Listing" to open listing details.

List View

You can view the listings in an Area Served by selecting the "List View Icon" and then selecting the Area. This will show you all the listings for that specific area. Click on any property to open listing details.