Edit Info

Click on the Edit Icon to fill out your basic information - Your profession, education, experience.

MLS Sync 

Click on “Sync your MLS” to add the State, your MLS registered email address, your MLS Agent ID, and your Real Estate License Number. Repeat the step if you want to sync another MLS or another License in another state.


NOTE: Don’t forget to hit Save!


Click on “Add Accomplishments +” to add your award and the year you received it. You can display any number of awards on your Radius profile!

NAR Designations 

Click on “Edit” Icon as shown and select your designation from the dropdown e.g. ABR, SRS etc. You can add more by repeating the step.

NAR Certifications 

Click on “Add NAR Certifications +” and select yours from the drop down. Feel free to add more than one!

Similarly, add your Interests and Languages.