If you’re trying to send a CRS referral, we’ve got you covered!

Step 1: Go to Find a CRS and search for an agent by name or by location.

Step 2: Narrow your search by selecting Filters on the right side and select the profile of the agent to whom you want to send a referral.

Step 3: After opening the agent profile, click on Send a Referral on the right-hand side, and enter your CRS Credentials to start exchanging referrals, once you click on Login with CRS.

Step 4: After logging in using your CRS email address, complete the Referral Agreement by checking your info, adding client details, Requirement, Referral Commission, and click on Send Referral.

Step 5:  You can now view the CRS Referral Agreement, which you can review before proceeding. Click on Continue, and then click on Start to sign the document digitally. Finally, click on Finish

That’s it! You just sent your first CRS Referral!

Does Radius take a commission for any referrals completed with other CRS Designees?

Radius is only the technology solution to improve Find a CRS capabilities. You still initiate and complete the referral and Radius will not take a cut from that transaction. Radius has a separate Referral Concierge service which is not active to CRS Designees.

Reach out to Concierge for any queries you have and we’re here to help!