Accepting a Lead from the Lead Marketplace

Step 1: Log in to Radius and click on the Referrals tab.

Step 2: Accept the Qualified/Real-time lead by click on 'Call To Claim' option

Step 3: You will be connected to the Client through our in-app call feature

Step 4: Provide us with feedback on the call to claim the lead. You will be able to view notes and contact information of the lead which you claimed in the 'Inbound Referrals' tab.


What you should know

  1. You can view the claimed lead you received by clicking on “Inbound Referrals”.
  2. Selecting the sent referral will take you to another page where you can see all of your activities in the Client Timeline. Everything you do from now, like Changing the Status of your referral, setting a reminder or adding a note, will be recorded in the Client Timeline.
  3. You can also listen to your recorded call which will be displayed in the Timeline.