Radius Referral Concierge Program is really your best way to find hot leads - hot leads that actually convert into a sale. 

Being a part of the Referral Concierge Program means exclusive access to top referrals by top real estate agents, which makes closing deals super fast and super efficient.

Once you sign the Lead Agreement, you can send and receive referrals, and boost your business like never before!

It takes time to conduct a search, interview agents, process the agreement and make the introduction for your referrals, not to mention follow up on their home search/sale process. By sending your referral to Radius, you’ll have peace of mind that the client is well taken care of by one of our qualified agents, hand selected by our Concierge team. The client has the opportunity to interview 6 agents and throughout the process, you can be as involved as you'd like! You will receive email notifications every time there is an update. This is why we offer the added service to ensure your referrals ends up with the right agent while saving you valuable time.

Our Concierge ensures that your referral is properly cared for and matched with the right agent, at the right time, plus, you will always earn 25% commission at closing!

Sending a Referral

Following these steps help you send a referral, in less than 90 seconds!

Step 1: Login to Radius and click on Referrals tab

Step 2: Click on “Send Referral” on Outbound Referrals tab, which takes you to “Referral Services” where you can search for an Agent for yourself or you would like our help find 6 agents.

Step 3: Fill the form with your Client basic detail 

Step 4: Fill the property details based on the Client type (Buyer/Seller)

Step 5: Fill out the background details of the Client and then Click on 'Submit'

That’s it! You just sent your first referral! That was less than 90 seconds, wasn’t it?

What you should know

  1. After you send your referral, you can see a success message on your screen.
  2. You can view the referral you just sent by clicking on Referrals tab => Outbound Referrals.
  3. Selecting the sent referral will take you to another page where you can see status of the leads.

It really is as simple as that!