Interested in learning more about our ISA program, schedule a time with your Agent Success Manager here.

What are the type of leads you qualify?

  • You can set up your Zillow/ Trulia and online leads to forward directly to us. Read more about the integrations for Zillow here and here.
  • Send us a spreadsheet of your 'gone cold' leads that you tried reaching but never connected with to

How do you qualify the leads?

We call and SMS the lead on your behalf within 5 mins of submission (if it's a via an integration) and follow up 6 times via email, calls, sms before putting them on an extended drip campaign. 

  • If the lead is motivated, ready to buy within 6 months, has communicated their requirements clearly, has been pre-approved/is in the process of being pre-approved, we mark the lead qualified and schedule an appointment with you through your shared calendar.

What is the cost?

Our qualification service is performance based! We do not charge anything to qualify the leads. We charge a 15% 'referral fee' on your commission if the qualified lead we send back to you closes.  

How do I sign up?

The program is new and invitation based! If you'd like to utilize the new service, please send a note to, we'll send you an agreement to sign. Once signed - 

  • You can set up your Zillow/Trulia and integrations and/or send us your cold leads download. 
  • We'll need you to share your google calendar with so we can easily set up an appointment for you to speak with any lead that we qualify. Here are instructions on how to do this Please let us know if you don't have gmail - we will discuss an alternate way to set up appointments for you.