You can integrate your account with your Radius account to capture your leads in our free CRM and/or to use our performance-based qualification service.  By integrating with, every time a prospective buyer or renter contacts you, the lead will get added as a buyer / renter lead on Radius. along with the property details they inquired about. 

You have 2 options for this integration - 

  1. You can setup an auto response so that the lead hears back from you right away. Click on SettingsEmail templatesWelcome email then customize your greeting and switch the message on. OR

  2. If you don't have the capacity in your business and process to call these leads right away and continue follow up with them, send a note to indicating your interest in our ISA service. 
    • If you qualify for the service (currently only available via invitation), we'll send you our standard ISA agreement and start qualifying these leads on your behalf! We don't charge to qualify, only a 15% success fee if a lead that we referred back to you closes. Read more about our ISA service here.

How do I set this up?

  1. Login to your Radius account here. Copy the email address provided under Settings --> On the Radius mobile app, this will be under Settings -- > Integrations.

  2. Click here to login to your account. This link will take you to Lead Settings (screenshot below).

  3. Under 'Profile leads' and 'Courtesy leads', select 'Change. Paste the same email address you copied from your Radius account in the fields for 'Profile Leads' and 'Courtesy Leads'.