Once you categorize your clients into Buyers & Sellers (Or renters), you can add their needs by either storing their buyer need or their listing information.  If you'd like the application to find matching listings for your buyer needs, please open your buyer's profile page and switch "Client property alerts" to "ON".  If you do this, whenever we find a matching listing, we automatically recommend that property to your client via email.  You can track all recommended listings in your messages with the same client.  


  • Be sure your notifications are enabled so that you never miss a potential deal! We send a notification to your phone to alert you about the match.

  • Check your in-app messages. To get the conversation started, we initiate a chat thread between you and the other agent. Respond in that thread to get more information on the property, if you’re the buyer’s agent, or sell your listing by letting them know about all of the awesome features if you’re the listing agent!

  • Buyer’s agents — click on the property, then select “Recommend to client” to recommend it to your client right from the app!