How it works:

We’ll display messages from two types of people in your database: Clients and Agents. Remember, when you log into Radius, you’re here to work.

What you can do:

  • View your property matches with other agents and message them to get the conversation started! We start a chat thread between you and the other agent anytime a match is generated between your clients.
  • Recommend properties to your clients using the attachment button. This will pull from your listings as well as any MLS listings you’ve saved from your network feed.

Is messaging the same as emailing?

Not exactly. If your Gmail is integrated, the messages you send from here will be delivered to the recipient from your email address.

If your Gmail is not integrated, and the recipient does not have Radius (for example, if they’re a client or an agent who does not use Radius) your message will still be delivered but it will come from an email alias but the reply email will be yours.

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