Your networking groups serve as a mobile real estate forum that’s great for marketing new listings and buyer needs.

To get you started, here are some ideas for posts:

New pocket listing! Will sell off-market, amazing investment opportunity!
Can anyone recommend a good home inspector? My go-to is booked up!
Just met with a very motivated buyer, please message me if you have something coming up!

Your MLS listings will be shared with the group automatically (just make sure you’ve added your state license number and chosen your MLS).  If you want to manually post a listing to the network, click n "More" and select "Property" and fill a simple listing form that follows.  

You can proactively search for opportunities for your buyers by sharing their buyer needs with your network. This way, local agents will be notified about your buyer and they’ll be placed on an automatic search that includes MLS listings as well of off-market properties. To post a buyer need or search criteria, click on "Share search criteria" and fill a simple search form that follows. 

Please note that even if you add your clients name to this form, their name and contact info will NOT be shared with your group, this is only for your records.

For both properties and buyer needs, you can create an email announcement instantly by selecting “Send via email” to all group members. This way, agents in your network will get a notification on their phone and also a message in their inbox about your listing/buyer.