In Radius, you can belong to several different types of realtor networking groups. You will be added to existing regional groups just by signing up.

To find more groups, access the side menu and select Join network groups.

Regional Groups:

Based on the regions that you sell in, which you’ve listed in your profile, you will be added to regional network groups. These are public groups and the members include active agents in your area. If you tend to send and receive referrals from another market, you can join out-of-area regional groups by selecting “Join network groups” from the side menu and then searching for the desired city.

Private Groups:

You can start your own private networking groups with trusted colleagues in order to share new and upcoming listings, urgent buyers needs and market insights. Just name your group and invite colleagues via email or sms.

If networking is new to you, of if you, or if you just want some tips for getting started, check out our article, 5 Tips for networking with other real estate agents.