Radius Launches Referral Marketplace to increase your income from referrals.

Referrals from other Realtors are some of the best leads you can hope for because they’ve already been vetted by your colleagues. As an agent, servicing and sending referrals is the most cost-effective way to grow your business organically.

This is why we are excited to announce our new Referral Marketplace. With established Realtor networks all over the country, Radius can considerably increase the number and quality of referrals exchanged between agents. Our goal is to facilitate referrals with the highest likelihood of converting, by hand-selecting agents to find the perfect match. 

You now have a reliable and trustworthy channel for sending referrals and receiving new qualified leads.

Why you should send & be open to receiving referrals

  • Agent referrals have a conversion percentage of 40%-50%. This means that 4–5 out of every 10 referrals will result in a sale.
  • Agents who send referrals actively, earn 10–15% of their annual income from referrals. This could be you with an additional revenue stream from referrals.
  • By sending your referral to Radius, you’ll have peace of mind that the client will be well taken care of by one of the qualified agents.

What you can expect when you send a referral to Radius


Submit your referral along with any notes and pertinent information to your Referral Manager at Radius.

  • Your Referral Manager will first make sure the needs of the client are understood.
  • Then they will interview multiple agents to find the top 3 candidates.
  • Once the candidates are determined, your client will be introduced via email and they will have the opportunity to choose the agent they want to work with.
  • Your Referral Manager will follow-up to make sure the hand-off is smooth and will keep you in the loop and much or as little as you’d like!

Get paid 25% of the commission earned on close.

  • As the sending agent, you will earn your full 25% commission!